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Simple tips to build a startups company

Perhaps you are tired of being part of a community "9 to 5", plus overtime until the morning, and you feel sore at all routine. That was the fate of the employees, even the high-salaried professionals in various national and global companies. Perhaps you are already saturated with all orders from the boss, it is difficult to get time off for your target has not been achieved, or may be due to other problems such as office politics, competition and other disorders. Do you want to get out of this bad situation? Come on, and be prepared to take on a new opportunity and set up a startups company.

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Then, you start looking for new opportunities to apply for new jobs. Perhaps it occurred to start your own business, but you do not have enough capital, and not having the courage to start a new business.

Each person must have a dream to have a dream house, a sports car or want a holiday to Baliand other exotic places in the world. If you want to empty your glass, and open to new information, then you will find business opportunities, which could transform your future becomes more attractive than it is now. If you are open to a new opportunity, then you will find a business that is right for you.
startups company, Startups tips, startups business, new business, business idea, how to start business, create startups, business presentation

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Before you open the door, you may need to drink a glass of water, coffee or green tea. Let's contemplate for a moment. 

Remember your childhood in elementary school or high school. You actually have a talent that never gives you pride yourself or your parents. Maybe you are talented in the field of photography, writing stories, poems or essays. 

Who knows you've made your mother's kitchen a mess, but you find a recipe delicious dishes with unique flavors such as coffee, spaghetti, noodle soup, chocolate cake, sandwich or burger. There are many other talents that are often forgotten when you are an adult and busy in your boss's office.
startups company, startups business, new business, business idea, how to start business, create startups, business presentation

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In the digital age there are a lot of great talent in the field of graphic arts, create software or create android or iOS app, you can even hack your computer or make anti-virus software and many more. Is this a variety of unique talent only benefits your boss. Yes, it is not wrong because you will receive a monthly salary or get paid based on a short-term contract.

If you want to become entrepreneurs in the digital world, and maximize laptop and your smartphone to turn your talent into your first one hundred thousand dollars, then you should dare to start as an entrepreneur. You are right, it is not easy to start a new business from the ground. Not all young people the courage to borrow garage parents to be their first office. There are a lot of courage and mental strength to begin with, rather than simply relying on investment, you take from your savings. There is a risk of failure, not just opportunities that generate profits.

If you have an idea for creating a physical product like a special coffee recipes, fried chicken that is different from the colonel and other creations, then you already have the initial capital that can turn into a business. You can use a portion of your savings, and invite your friends as a business partner. You may also request support from their parents, brothers or your uncle. If they hesitate and do not want to support your passion, you do not need to be discouraged.

You can search for additional capital, even investors from financial institutions such as banks, venture capital and institutions that are looking for people like you who want to create startups. Now is the time you start browsing in a search engine such as Google or Yahoo, you'll find lots of information about investors or institutions who are happy give you that is preparing a new startups.

Do the simple preparation such as digital presentation and examples of products you want to be marketed locally, nationally or globally. Provide a description carefully, it is easy to understand, the business plan and other information that supports your proposal. If you still lay (very understandable, because you are a beginner), then you can consult with friends or family who are knowledgeable about this issue.

In addition, you need to make a team work, so that you get the necessary support to realize your startups. Team work does not need a lot of people, maybe you could invite one or two people, so you have a team with a specific field such as finance or marketing piece, and so on.

startups company, startups business, new business, business idea, how to start business, create startups, business presentation

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You can also visit government offices to get support for your startups. You can also visit a public and private companies that have special programs for entrepreneurs like you. A good idea to create a blog or website that can be part of your business plan, so that it can attract wider attention, even from abroad. There are many people who are crazy enough to provide funding for young entrepreneurs, especially startups that have unique ideas, original, but it can be marketed in the long run, even be updated with your creativity.

If anyone is interested, then you will be invited to the presentation, so you can explain in more detail than ideas, blueprints, product and business plan. Do not worry about doubt and rejection. You have to believe in your idea. If it fails, you have a chance to fix it. There are many paths to Bali. Therefore, you should be confident, and ready to continue your journey to the pinnacle of success.

Are you ready?  


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