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How to write SEO friendly article

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Simple SEO tips for beginers.

The entire blog or website owner wants to get a good ranking in the search engines, either Google, Yahoo and other alternative search engines. Write articles or content SEO friendly is not easy. There are at least two important issues that must be mastered before starting the writing is knowledge of SEO and expertise in writing quality article content. If you master these two things, then certainly Articles posted to a blog or a website will be in the preferred search engines and visitors.

 But you do not need to worry, because all can be learned, and in time the website or blog you will be able to sit in the best position in the search engines. We already know that it is a yearning every owner of a blog or website certainly wants to always be at position 10 or 20 on the famous search engine, Google.

If you look at a website or a blog created by the starter, then the articles are made ​​not pay attention to two terms as described above. Therefore we have to create content or articles with grammar and sentence are easily understood by visitors or your readers.Tulisan or content interesting and easy to understand, it will have an impact on the visitors who read your blog or website. Impact significance is, they will look forward to every new article that we wrote.

After noticing some of the writings of the masters of SEO, then there are several ways you can do when you are prepared and will write an article that is SEO friendly, and can be mentioned as one of the basic SEO techniques. Please note some SEO tips as mentioned below:

a. Selecting and determining the keywords of the article
In determining keywords, create keywords based on the customer's viewpoint. Keywords that are more common in people search engines, but the competition will be more difficult. Choosing general keywords or specific depends on your goals. Examples of common keywords are online business, while specific: make money online, for the more specific you can add brand products.

b . The title of the article is interesting and contains keywords
An interesting article title will invite curious visitors to quickly read it and make sure the title of the SEO article had contained the targeted keywords.

c . Proper placement of keywords in the article
In addition to placement on the title of the article, spread the keywords in the content of your article. enough in the beginning paragraph, middle and at the end of the paragraph. Make sure in the 150 words in the first paragraph of your article there have been targeted keywords. Both the number of words in an article is over 400 words, the more the better.

d. The contents of the article should have a good quality.
Quality article content should be taken seriously, but you do not need to be depressed when you are going to write the first sentence. Use standard language, a style that is easy to read, and not boring, appropriate punctuation and also make the article informative and educative. Making the actual content is not easy, because it takes experience, knowledge, new ideas that can be poured in the manufacture of the article and must conform to the SEO rules. If you want to learn, then you can certainly make good content and quality.

If you do not have much time, then you do not need to worry because it's been a lot of SEO consultants, and those who offer the services of an SEO friendly article writing. You can use a search engine to look for a professional article writer to improve the quality of your website or blog, so you will get a lot of visitors, even online transactions.

Additional suggestions:

After posting your friendly SEO articles prepared in to a site, then the article just needs to be optimized more about SEO on page such as: Anchor Text SEO Friendly, SEO Friendly Images, and many other techniques. And especially for you who use blogger, then you can also maximize your on page SEO features that have been provided bloggers, so that your website or blog will be on the top ranks of search engines like Google, Yahoo, and other directory engine.

Keep writing every day, and you have learned in various SEO forums, then you will be an expert and quickly make a lot of money from your blog or website. Let's write a better content, so your online business will grow better and faster. 

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