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Career opportunities in the field of music and entertainment

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Do you have a hidden talent in music or you love world music, and understand about show business? Or perhaps you also comprehend the entertainment world? 

Do not worry, now has opened great opportunities for you, so that you can make a lot of money, success in music business, and other attractive opportunities related to it.

Do you want to develop a career in music? It turned out that a career in music very much, not only as a singer, musician and songwriter. There are many activities in the music industry need each other. Business in the field of music is incredible. Perhaps you have the talent of one of the following career fields.

Performing Artist / Recording Artist:

Performing artist put himself for a career in the music industry in a format the band or solo career with his own rendition of the copyrighted work or other parties. Their musical ability will determine their success.

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Session Musician:
Commonly called a session player is a musician who is contracted to play in a group or a music project both in the recording process as well as musical performances. They should be able to play music or group in accordance with the wishes of the producers who have signed them. A session player is required to have extensive musical experience, quick response in a variety of musical styles, fluent reading scores and can adapt to various types of music because they usually work in various projects of different music, such as TV and film scoring, demo, jingles, etc., with co-workers are also different. 

career tips, music career, music industry, music business, entertainment world, new career, sound engineer
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Music Arranger:
Music arranger is working to make perfect or completes a composition of songs for singers, bands, and orchestras. They arranged for harmonization, rhythm, instruments, tempo, and all aspects of a composition of songs on demand artist, producer, or group. An arranger not only be an expert in music theory, composition and harmony, they also must have experience in writing songs and could play an instrument or more. 


 A songwriter writes all aspects of a song, the music and lyrics. They can also work under a specific record label or a freelance songwriter. In addition to selling their creations to others, the creators of the song too much to carry, play, and produce their own songs. 

Composer: A composer creates a musical composition in the form of instrumental music or who have completed the lyrics. Most compositions are written on request and desire of certain parties for various purposes such as musical performances, recordings, movies, TV etc. (Music composition music performance).

Film scorer:

They write music composition for film and TV, its main task is to illustrate the music in the film or create a soundtrack song. (Music audio production music composition )

Jingle Writer:

Those working in this field specialize himself writing music for TV and radio advertising purposes and describes the products responsible for the ads in the music. They must have good skills in writing and arranging music composition in a short duration of an advertisement.

Product Demonstrator:

They are musicians who are contracted by an instrument company to demonstrate a product / instrument in musical events, such as exhibitions, conferences and festivals. Musicians who worked in this field are required to have a high musical expertise. 


A producer often works with the musicians and record label to produce footage. They also worked with composers, film companies, TV, and various other multi-media companies. They are charged with overseeing all aspects of the production of records, including contract musicians, setting production costs even had a role in choosing songs. A producer is required to have experience and extensive knowledge of music. 

Studio Owner:
A studio owner will provide an adequate facility weeks to record. Besides studio owners will also be responsible for financial arrangements, scheduling recordings, promoting his studio, and organize employee schedules, as an intermediary between client and studio operators, and work to ensure the satisfaction of the client (Music & audio production).

Music Educator:

A music educator is usually in charge of making a music education curriculum as well as teaches it. They can work in a variety of educational institutions ranging from primary to university level. In addition to working tied to a particular institution, a music educator can also work to private teachers where they are freer in formulating the curriculum, the educational system and teaching schedule. 

Orchestra / Group Member:
The main job of a player or member of a group / orchestra is as instrumentalists. Extensive knowledge of the songs, musicianship skills, mastering the score is a very necessary environment orchestra.

They are required to be able to prepare themselves and play follow the instructions of the leadership group or a conductor in a variety of performances and at the time of recording (music performance).

Vocal / Instrumental Soloist:

This work is similar to the work of 'performing artist' difference is they are more free and not bound by any band. They are usually hired by a group / band / record company in a specified period. They are responsible for practice and play music according to the choice of a group / band / record company who has contracted them.

Music Director for Artist:

Music Director for the artist is someone who determines the concept of music, compositions and arrangements help tracks from artists as well as directing the artist in a production process. He was responsible for the quality of the output of a musical project. Almost the same as a producer, but he did not have to take care of the difference to the business aspects of production and treatment.

Movie; Music Director for Commercial:

Music Director for film and advertising is the one that determines the success of the music in a film or advertisement. He must be master of composition, arranging and music technology and MIDI. Strong work ethic and highly charged extra professional in carrying out this profession, because every day is always in the full scope of work pressure, deadlines and problems in the project. But if he can master this field, economically, is the most promising career. 

Music Director for Radio Station:
Music Director for radio station is the one who determines the direction in which the concept and image of a radio was taken. He served up a list of songs will be played, filter or filter the songs which are worth playing on the radio or not, and is always fostering a relationship with the artist / music industry talent in the world. 

Music Director for TV Program:
Music Director for the television program is the one who determines the concept of music in a television program. Television programs can be a musical event, may not. In a television station, Music Director for the television program that determines success or failure of a music show on television.

Music Director for Musical Theater:
Music Director for the performing arts / theater is the one who determines the concept and musical direction for a show or theater. Composition, arranging and music technology is an absolute obligation to careers in this field. Experience gained from this career really different and very challenging for the musicians. 

Sound Engineer for Recording Studio:
Sound Engineer for the studio recording is the person responsible for the quality of the recording of a musical project. He worked under Music Producer or Music Director, but he also will be more asked his opinion on the direction of the sound of a musical project. In a certain level, a sound engineer was able to create a trademark on the sound it produces and it usually can be searched by many people.

Sound Engineer for Live Performance:
Sound Engineer for concerts and performing arts are very instrumental for the success of a concert. He must master the field in which he works, master the procedure works in a concert and be able to take the initiative and think extra quickly to address a problem that can arise in a concert. 

Sound Designer for Movie:
Sound Engineer for film and advertising, commonly referred to as Sound Designer, in charge of making a visually rich with the sound created, and in mixing it. Making sound effects / Foley, dubbing recording and set balance between original sound and voice is made for their daily food in this profession.

Sound Engineer for Radio Station:
Sound Engineer for the radio station set up everything to be done so that the songs on the radio still spins without error and without error. High initiative and mastery of technology is mandatory for those who want a career in this field. 

Assistant Sound Engineer:
Assistant Sound Engineer is the person who helped (assistant) work of a sound engineer. A sound engineer usually begins a career of this field to add experience and understand the ins and outs of the work ethic in the recording field. His duties ranging from pressing the ‘record’ roll up the cable, after finish studio, maintain studio equipment, serving the client / artist for the studio, and all the things that ease the work of Sound Engineer. 

General Business Musician:

Musicians can also work as a General Business Musician, is a freelance performer, where the type of job is quite large, can be spelled in any kind of situation. This includes playing music in private parties, corporate events, to the dance clubs. Musicians will be required to be able to play music from a variety of popular artists, a wide range of musical styles, and is able to adjust the music with the client's request. Lots of gigs that can be obtained from this work, and usually gained considerable fee. 

If a product demonstrator is required to promote the latest products of a brand, a clinician is a musician that his job gives clinics, or often called a workshop or master class, and discusses various aspects of music and instrument on a group of spectators. This job requires a very high skill, and also the ability to explain a topic in a clear and pleasant. A clinician will often be invited to music lessons, Music University, or clinic can also hold his own event. A clinician will typically have a high respect from fellow musicians and ordinary people because of his skill in music. 

Personal Manager (or Artist Manager, Agent):
A personal manager works represent one or more musical groups or artists, and oversee all aspects of their careers. This includes providing advice to the artist in terms of business, as well as creatives also be necessary for the artist to achieve success. A personal manager is not usually getting a little income. It depends on the size of income from the success of the artist as well. 

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